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David was born in a US Army Hospital in Nurnberg Germany to Sargent William Briggs and Doris Mable Briggs. Eleven months after his birth his mother Doris died in Nurnberg. Eventually he and his brother James were adopted by their maternal grandparents. In 1957 they moved from East Freetown Mass. to Tallahassee, FL where their Grandfather Callahan continued his Drafting Career for the Road Department. In 1962 their grandfather died leaving their grandmother Isobel Callahan, who only had an 8th grade education, in what would now be considered poverty. But she would never have given in to such a label. Enrolling in Lively Vocational School in Tallahassee she received her high school diploma and learned secretarial skills. With Social Security benefits, a small Veterans check, and her working part time at the nearby church, she was able to pay the bills and always put a little away for rainy days.

There was never any question that David and James would attend college after high school. David received his Bachelor’s Degree from Florida A & M University and worked most of his career in the printing industry. He moved from Tallahassee to Atlanta in 1977 in pursuit of more professional and lucrative opportunities. He married and raised a daughter, Kimberly, and son, William, who are accomplished adults in their fields of endeavor.

David coached soccer, served as a Deacon, as Secretary and then Treasurer for his homeowners association in Kennesaw, GA. During the recent recession he purchased and renovated two HUD foreclosed houses, obtained his Insurance License and sold insurance, shared the Gospel of Jesus with recovering addicts and prison inmates, and now hopes to serve his community with the experiences and sometime hard knocks that he gained from those experiences.

He is asking for your support in turning the 13th district of Georgia towards solutions and hope, shared responsibility, and shared blessings. To increased Freedom and Opportunity. The incumbent Democrat has been on the wrong side in; government corruption, taxes, healthcare, and the sanctity of life. It is time for us to give the government back to the governed. To make it serve the People and not the other way around. He’s asking for your vote, your prayers, and your donations. Will you join him?


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